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People engagement expert Terry Williams talks about how to get better buy-in.
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Nov 20, 2017

Practical things a frontline leader can do to make a difference in the motivational levels of your people. The thing about behaviour change is that you can’t do it for them, nor can you always be around when the going gets tough. For those people doing the actual moving towards behaviour change, they need to:

• want to do it, 
• think they need to do it, 
• think they can do it, and 
• think they should do it now.

The combination of all those conditions is what we label ‘motivated’. What can you do to make that more likely to happen? This webinar gives you a buffet of tools & techniques to make that easier.

The Presenter is Terry Williams is an expert, author and motivational speaker on engaging people. A trainer and facilitator for over 25 years, he’s also a columnist in ‘Employment Today’ magazine. His book ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ takes psychological research and breaks it down, to make it interesting and useful for people wanting to improve their performance and engage the people they work with. His new book ‘Getting Better Buy-In’ provides techniques for frontline leaders to nudge their teams towards behaviour change. Terry is also a professional stand-up comedian, performing in several NZ International Comedy Festivals. More at

Nov 1, 2017

Our longevity, health, quality of life and personal productivity are due 30% to luck and 70% to our choices and behaviours. What are 10 choices we can make, any one of which would actually diminish our odds of decline or disaster? How wrong are we when it comes to estimating where our problems will occur?

Oct 24, 2017

What are the habits of those who do live longer and remain happy and meaningfully productive for longer? What are the signs to watch out for that maybe now is the time to start taking control rather than continue to rely on your body's and mind's good luck? What clues are there that the fad you're reading about is snake-oil quackery?

Oct 18, 2017

“Sleep is a waste of time.” – Thomas Edison (Inventor of the lightbulb, possibly the single item most responsible for messing up our Circadian Rhythms.)


Though researchers don’t know the exact mechanism, it seems that chronic lack of sleep causes inflammation, elevates blood pressure and heart rate, and affects glucose levels, leading to a much higher stroke risk in the sleep-deprived. Sleep increases the ability of the four main healthy lifestyle habits (a healthy diet, exercise, moderate alcohol consumption and not smoking) to protect the body against cardiovascular disease.

So, what can we do...?

Oct 10, 2017

Poor sleep can increase your risk of a stroke by 400%. Ineffective sleep makes you less productive immediately, not at 3pm the next day. If you pour red bull into your laptop, it doesn't work as well. The same goes for your body and brain.

Aug 23, 2017

Much time, effort and expense is wasted on hiring the wrong people. Job interviews are critically important, yet the vast majority of people conducting job interviews have received zero training at job interviewing. Here is a walk-through a simple but consistently effective approach to conducting job interviews, either solo or as part of a panel. From defining the role to drafting effective and purposeful questions to the mechanics of the face-to-face interactions to the post-interview work - this ep lays it out for you. And there's a handy tip sheet too.