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People engagement expert Terry Williams talks about how to get better buy-in.
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Apr 13, 2015

So often we try and teach others or coach others or supervise others in a way that clashes with the way people naturally learn. It's quicker, cheaper, more effective and longer-lasting if we can plug into the way people learn naturally. In this episode, I talk through some techniques to quieten our unhelpful inner mental critics and guide people to leverage the power of their own subconscious minds to practise and learn experientially in a way that sticks and drives purposeful changes in behaviour.

Apr 7, 2015

Picture if you will a vertical axis called 'Challenge' and a horizontal axis called 'Skill.' Various combinations of challenge and skill can result in a person being in a state of apathy, worry, control... but what we're aiming for more of is 'FLOW' - a magical (not really magical) state where a high level of skill meets a high level of challenge. Time flies and good things happen.

Mar 30, 2015

Extrapolating current trends to ridiculous extremes. Will there be jobs for humans in 2115?

Mar 23, 2015

The highly skilled and the highly unskilled have something in common - a poor ability to accurately judge their own skill level. It's just that the skilled judge themselves too low and the unskilled judge themselves too low. Just watch every talent show audition process ever...


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Mar 16, 2015

A primer on the work of Carol Dweck and how people's behaviour towards effort and mistakes reveal our true mindsets and how those mindsets, unless we choose to change them, can affect our outcomes.

Mar 9, 2015

What do first years at West Point Military Academy and New Zealand's high school NCEA participants have in common?

Mar 1, 2015

Learn a research-based technique for making decisions that results in better decisions and feeling better about whatever you decide.

Feb 22, 2015

Most industrialised countries have a history of poor saving and mucking around with retirement savings schemes. More changes are likely. Would employees, if employers provided support beyond mere money, have the capability to ever become super savers?    

Feb 15, 2015

(Office) Space - The Final frontier?


People are not mice wandering through mazes in search and cheese and getting rewards for pushing levers. Having said that, employers can greatly influence the performance of their people by the physical environment they create and provide, both positively and negatively, both intentionally and unintentionally.    

Feb 8, 2015

To what extent is executive leasing like leasing a car? Do we ask the same questions before we do it? What are the pro’s and cons? Do we have to pay a penalty if we return it damaged?    

Feb 1, 2015

John Manning's research on relative finger length provides some insight into one of the genetic cards we get dealt over which we have no control. How does the difference in length between your ring and index fingers requate to your odds of having a heart attack?

Jan 26, 2015

Coaching is a term used a lot. It apparently means different things to different people. I think it has a very specific and quite narrow meaning. That's not to say it can't co-exist productively with other activities such as managing, leading, training, facilitating and mentoring.

Jan 22, 2015

Surveys show males and females prefer working for a male boss. Surveys are stupid and misleading. So are PodCast teaser descriptions.

Jan 21, 2015

One commentator suggests workplace cultures need to evolve. The problem is – bosses already imagine they have. What are the categories of workplace culture, where are you and where should you be?    

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